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World Languages - Learn Hindi

Hindi, with over half a billion speakers, is the second most widely spoken language in the world and is the official language of 
India, the world’s second most populous country. India’s rapidly growing economic, political, and cultural importance has 
significantly enlarged Hindi’s global sphere of influence, far beyond its traditional and still flourishing outposts of diaspora, 
from Fiji to Trinidad, Mauritius to Minnesota.

The program provides engagements with a native speaking instructor under the linguistic director and requires participation 
in the language laboratory. The lessons use a gradual, building block immersion, with creative and entertaining graphics and 
visuals to help children learn fast. 

Students get a good head start to learn Hindi language and over time they are closer to attaining proficiency and can test out 
of the high school second language requirements. Over time, they will be able to communicate fluently with native speakers, 
read literature, current events in the vernacular newspapers. 

Grade: All Levels

Fee: $369