2023 - 2024 Courses

[8 - 12] ACT/SAT/PSAT 2023 - 24 Season

The ACT/SAT/PSAT 2023 - 24 course provides students with the skills and guidance necessary for achieving a perfect score on the ACT/SAT.  Although a perfect score is not attainable for every student, our goal is to help students improve their performance, so they can end with a score that reflects their highest potential. 

All relevant subject areas and topics necessary for the ACT/SAT will be covered in-depth. 

In particular, guidance is provided for the following difficult portions of the test:

  • Sentence improvement questions and avoiding getting lost in the grammar rules
  • Vocabulary questions and utilizing context clues
  • Difficult mathematical questions and utilizing reasoning
  • Data interpretation questions and learning the techniques

In addition to content, test-taking strategies will be covered in-depth. Understanding the structure of the test alone can significantly improve scores. The classes are designed from a student perspective and include powerful strategies and problem-solving techniques that you will not want to miss. 

Highlights of the ACT/SAT/PSAT Course: 

  1. You'll be made aware of the winning approach to take on the ACT/SAT,/PSAT which is adaptable to every type of question.
  2. You'll be equipped with the skills to solve any sentence improvement question without getting lost in the grammar rules.
  3. You'll be taught to think analytically and apply the necessary techniques to unfamiliar vocabulary questions.
  4. The strategies you learn in the camp will help you to solve mathematical questions and reasoning, even in areas where you do not have extensive knowledge.
Grades: 8 - 12


Option 1: Full Payment - $649 (at the time of enrollment)

Option 2: Installment (6 installments)

    1st Installment - At the time of enrollment - $180
    2nd Installment - Due by Oct 1st - $160
    3rd Installment - Due by Nov 1st - $140
    4th Installment - Due by Dec 1st - $120
    5th Installment - Due by Jan 1st - $100
    6th Installment - Due by Feb 1st - $80

    No payments in March and April.

One month notice required to unenroll.

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