2023 - 2024 Courses

[5 - 7] MathElite UMTYMP Prep

MathElite is a specialized program for high-achieving students eager to pursue advanced learning beyond their current grade level. It's designed to prepare students for participation in highly selective college programs like UMTYMP, CTD, and CTY.

The course is tailored to excel in esteemed programs, covering tests such as the UMTYMP, Stanford High School Placement Test, Northwestern University Talent Search Exam, and Johns Hopkins CTY Gifted Education Tests. It also encompasses preparation for exams like the AccuPlacer College Board Placement Test, National Merit Scholarships (PSAT), and other College Admission Tests.

This course offers flexibility, allowing students to choose between meeting in person on Tuesdays or Thursdays, online on Wednesdays, or in person on Saturdays. Spanning 28 weeks, students meet Once-a-Week to hone their test-taking skills.

Grades: 5 to 7


Option 1: Full Payment - $649 (at the time of enrollment)

Option 2: Installment (6 installments)

    1st Installment - At the time of enrollment - $180
    2nd Installment - Due by Oct 1st - $160
    3rd Installment - Due by Nov 1st - $140
    4th Installment - Due by Dec 1st - $120
    5th Installment - Due by Jan 1st - $100
    6th Installment - Due by Feb 1st - $80

    No payments in March and April

One month notice required to unenroll.