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[K - 8] MathWiz and ReadingWiz Bundled (Twice a Week)

MathWiz for Elementary (Twice a Week)

MathWiz for Elementary course is a year-long program designed to help students excel academically by enhancing
their investigative and reasoning skills. We focus on deepening their understanding of challenging concepts through:
  • Engaging Word Problems: We use interesting word problems and real-world applications to explore numbers and their operations.

  • Comprehensive Learning Tools: We provide a variety of learning materials, including homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and a final exam to reinforce learning.

Curriculum Approach

Our courses are aligned with both the Common Core and Singapore Math Curriculums. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded education in mathematics, with a focus on:

  • Pre-Algebra Foundation: Our courses lay a strong foundation in Pre-Algebra, equipping students with essential skills for success in higher-level math courses.

Preparation for Success

Our courses prepare students for various challenges, including:

  • Middle and High School Math: Students are well-prepared for the demands of middle and high school math courses.

  • Standardized Tests: Our comprehensive approach also benefits students taking national standardized tests such as MCA, MAP, Aspire ACT, and Pre-PSAT Examinations.

By enrolling in our Academic Excellence Math Courses, students not only enhance their mathematical skills but also develop critical thinking abilities that will serve them well in their academic journey.

MathWiz for Elementary Course Overview:

The MathWiz for Elementary course is twice-a-week program and is accessible in both online and in-person formats. In both settings, we incorporate breakout sessions to enhance learning and encourage active participation. Our dedicated instructors collaborate closely with students to adequately prepare them for their examinations.

Online Learning Experience:

For online courses, we provide live instruction that is personalized to each student's needs. Our platform offers an array of resources, including videos, polls, online quizzes, notes, and practice problems. With our wealth of experience in virtual instruction and committed technical support, students can anticipate an engaging and effective learning journey.

Adaptive Learning Approach:

In the event of unforeseen emergencies leading to campus closures, our classes seamlessly transition to an online format to ensure uninterrupted learning.


Option 1: Full Payment - $2139 (at the time of enrollment)

Option 2: Installment (9 installments)

    1st Installment - At the time of enrollment - $339
    2nd Installment - Due by Oct 1st - $250
    3rd Installment - Due by Nov 1st - $250
    4th Installment - Due by Dec 1st - $250
    5th Installment - Due by Jan 1st - $250
    6th Installment - Due by Feb 1st - $250
    7th Installment - Due by Mar 1st - $250
    8th Installment - Due by Apr 1st - $250
    9th Installment - Due by May 1st - $250
    No payments in June

One month notice required to unenroll.

Grades: K - 8

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