2023 - 2024 Courses

[5 - 9] MathWiz Algebra I / II, Geometry

MathWiz offers a year-long course in Algebra that emphasizes problem-solving and logic, helping students develop a comprehensive understanding of algebraic concepts. By completing the course, students will have acquired the skills required to start Algebra I and pursue more advanced math tracks.

The course reinforces each new concept by providing increasingly complex problems to solve. Class sessions involve in-person lectures, assignments, customized web-based exercises, periodic quizzes, and graded assessments. In case of campus closure due to unforeseen emergencies, the classes will be conducted online.

Grades: 5 to 9


Option 1: Full Payment - $739 (at the time of enrollment)

Option 2: Installment (9 installments)

    1st Installment - At the time of enrollment - $159
    2nd Installment - Due by Oct 1st - $85
    3rd Installment - Due by Nov 1st - $85
    4th Installment - Due by Dec 1st - $85
    5th Installment - Due by Jan 1st - $85
    6th Installment - Due by Feb 1st - $85
    7th Installment - Due by Mar 1st - $85
    8th Installment - Due by Apr 1st - $85
    9th Installment - Due by May 1st - $85
    No payments in June

One month notice required to unenroll from the program.