About Us

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is a non profit organization started by alumni from University of Minnesota and MIT.

CAE Objectives:

  1. Foster excellence by organizing academic programs that are rich in curriculum.

  2. Inspire and stimulate young minds to excel in STEM subjects - Math, Science, Technology and Computer Sciences.

  3. To partner with schools to enrich and complement learning.

CAE Foundation supports local efforts devoted to STEM education. It helps build competitive academic teams in the state of MN bringing together Gifted and Talented students to compete in state and national competitions. CAE programs are comprehensive and activity based which are designed to challenge students.

All the registrations and proceeds will be through the district public schools.

CAE Instructors: 

Instructors at CAE are high achievers from Ivy League and other top Math and Science schools. These instructors are passionate about Math and mentored teams for ARML, AIME, USAMO and other prestigious math competitions apart from coaching the high school aligned Precalculus, Calculus and AP and IB level courses. They are trained in critical thinking and problem solving areas and love to motivate and challenge students. 



Roy Zhao is attending Princeton University. He always had a natural affinity to mathematics which led him to become the captain for the Minnesota All-State Math Team as well as the Team Top Scorer at the American Regional Math League(ARML) Competition the past three years. He achieved a perfect ACT score and got 5s on all AP Science Tests. 


Abram Sanderson is studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College and graduated from Wayzata High School. In high school, he was recognized with many awards including those from the MN State High School Math League, Moody’s national Mega Math Challenge, and the American Regions Mathematics League competition. He also attended the Mathematical Association of America’s 2011 Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program, as well as Canada/USA Mathcamp 2011 and 2012. In his free time he enjoys playing the trumpet, trying new foods, and creating origami.

Lynn Zhang attends University of Chicago and is likely to major in economics. While at Wayzata High School, she was captain of the Speech Team and was Sections champion. She also participated in numerous other activities - including National Honor Society, Future Problem Solving, and Math Team - and was in the national winning team for Moody's Mega Math Challenge. She had taken many AP classes and tests throughout her high school years, and also received a perfect score of 2400 on SAT reasoning test and a perfect 36 in ACT. She also did research in neuroengineering at Medtronic corporation. She is experienced in teaching and tutoring, especially English and Math to middle and high school students.

Gabrielle Sanderson currently attends St. Olaf College, studying Math and Physics with an education concentration. She has received A's in all the math courses she has taken, including AP Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Real Analysis. Additionally, she obtained perfect scores on the math portions of the ACT, SAT, and SAT II Math Level 2. She tutored high school students in grades K-9 for four years at CONECT Homework Clubs and has worked for three summers as a counselor at Camp CONECT. Gabrielle is passionate about math and loves teaching students different ways to approach challenging problems.

Katie Talerico is a senior at Wayzata High School, where she competes in the school's math team. She is captain of the school's quiz bowl team, worked as the Editor in Chief of the school's newspaper, and sails on a team during the fall! Katie will be joining Brown University in the Fall.

Andrea Polis is a senior at Wayzata High School and will be joining University of Wisconsin. She is captain of Ultimate Frisbee team, President of Equestrian Club, member of National Honor Society, and founding member of Ultimate Mentor Leadership Council. She enjoys working with elementary age children to keep their interest in STEM subjects.

Charlene Lue is a senior at Wayzata High School and will be Cornell University. She is a programming specialist. AP Computer Sciences is her favorite subject and nurtured her interest in programming. Charlene loves working with young students to get them acquainted to Computer Programming as a part of the STEM program.

Elizabeth Hannigan is a senior at Wayzata High School. She plays a varsity sport and studies anthropology. She loves ancient civilizations and enjoys a good argument. As a part of the Brainstorm Labs, Elizabeth works with young children in the robotics.

Julie-Anne Rodriguez will be working with young students on storytelling this summer. She plans to attend Normandale in the fall and earn an English degree in the following years. Last year, she took a creative writing class that further sparked her passion for writing. Since then, she had written much more poetry and many more songs. She also enjoyed classes like The Literature and History of Film, American Literature, and art classes that allow creative minds to express themselves.

Zoe Tu is a rising sophomore at Princeton University. She attended Wayzata High School, where she was a part of the Varsity Swim & Dive, Speech, and Science Olympiad teams. Her past academic accomplishments include National Merit Scholar, Class Top Ten, and Presidential Scholar. Outside of school, she teaches swim lessons and is a part of an a capella group. Her other hobbies include baking, binge reading, and making clay figurines. Zoe plans to major in chemistry at Princeton, and pursue a career in pharmaceutics.




Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandhi