M4 Series


PSAT/SAT December Prep Camp:

Course Topics:


Review algebra and geometry concepts targeted on the SAT & PSAT

Learn test-taking strategies

Practice on actual SAT problems

Critical Reading

Learn to focus, think, and question while reading a passage, raising comprehension level

Learn test-taking strategies applicable to sentence completion and passage-based questions

Practice on SAT passages and questions


Review targeted grammar concepts

Learn to recognize errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and sentence structure

Learn how to write the SAT essay and fine tune editing skills

Practice on actual SAT questions


Learn root words, prefixes, suffixes

Practice words from SAT/PSAT “hit list” 
Practice using new knowledge, strategies, and context clues to answer vocabulary questions


Course Format: In class, hands-on sessions


          Contact info@caeedu.org for information

Grades: 8th to 11th

Location: St. Barnabas Church, 15600 Old Rockford Rd, Plymouth, MN