CAE mathWiZ Program offers unique learning environment, provides a firm foundation that complements and builds on the school curriculum. Program includes series of courses which prepare students for the rigors of competitive world by exposing them to a wide variety of mathematical topics taught from a problem solving perspective.

mathWiZ curriculum reinforces solid foundation on the topics and provides necessary background concepts for a student to be successful. The courses complexity is higher than a typical school curriculum. It emphasizes the application of concepts through problem solving which fosters critical thinking.

Elementary School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

High School Curriculum

Students work in groups and are challenged intellectually through rigorous standards of analytics. This gives students joy of learning and growing along with their peers.

Typical scope of a Course:

Theory/Concepts: Reinforce the topics from the curriculum.

Application: Explore the application of concepts. Apply the techniques to solve problems.

Workshops: In intense collaborative environment, teams work together to dwell deeply and collide different perspectives to augment their problem solving skills.

Guest Lectures: Enhance student learning by adding thought provoking ideas to foster the spirit of excellence.
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandhi