CoderZ League 2020

Center for Academic Excellence is pleased to bring the CoderZ League to our community. CoderZ League is an international competition designed to engage students, regardless of coding experience, with exciting challenges and opportunities to work collaboratively in teams. Join us today to explore the world of Robotics.

Teams of students program robots to control them in a 3-D space that has a realistic physics engine. Teams will compete in Preliminaries and a Group Stage, with a chance to advance to Playoffs and World Finals.

CoderZ League is cloud-based, can be accessed from any computer, and uses simulation of virtual 3D Robots that perform complex tasks and missions. Using strategizing, collaboration, and acquired programming techniques, students will compete within their team, class, school, district, and state to win stages and progress to the finals.

There are two levels in the league:

Coder Z Junior (grades 5-8)

Coder Z Pro (grades 7-12)

The registration fee to the 2020 CoderZ League includes participation in the twice a week practice sessions, access to the Cyber Robotics Course - Cyber Robotics 101 (Junior level) or 102 (Pro level), and participation in the 2020 competition.


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