Pathways to high school Math readiness.

mathSpire for every deserving child. Student gets a complimentary assessment in the beginning to determine their level of knowledge and skills. This assessment will place the student in one of the dozen levels that will allow them to stay challenged and build their confidence while in a fun, highly interactive and collaborative atmosphere. Program is not about being repetitive or going through boring loads of homework worksheets. Every level is instruction based, students are taught to apply their problem solving skills to improve their critical thinking abilities which are real skills to tackle the Standardized tests and have a leg up in doing well in their middle and high school years.

Level 2 (2a, 2b,)                   Level 1 (1a,1b,)                                Suggested Grades: KG - 1st
Students learn to read and write digits 0-9, develop understanding of quantity (more/less) and master the basics of addition, subtraction, coins, clocks, shapes and story problems.

Level 4 (4a, 4b,)                   Level 3 ((3a,3b,)                               Suggested Grades: 1st - 2nd
Students learn basic skills,  master single digit addition and subtraction using multiple strategies along with telling time and handling money. Students will begin discovery of multiple digit addition and subtractions well.

Level 6 (6a, 6b)                    Level 5 (5a, 5b)                                Suggested Grades: 2nd - 3rd
Students learn apply the basic skills learnt, to add and subtract two and three digit number mentally as well as learn advanced techniques to check their results. Students are introduced to fractions and advanced skip counting as well as data analysis.

Level 8 (8a, 8b,)                   Level 7 (7a, 7b)                                Suggested Grades: 3rd – 4th
Students are now advanced for mathematical data manipulation, they master multiplication tables and advanced subtraction techniques while gaining an understanding of division, remainders, estimation and rounding. Students also learn more advanced multiplication and fraction addition and subtraction skills.

Level 10 (10a, 10b)              Level 9 (9a, 9b)                                Suggested Grades: 4th – 5th
Students master advanced techniques for two and three digit multiplication along with divisibility rules and long and short division. Students  learn how to handle fractions, decimals, percents and ratios.

Level 12 (12a, 12b)              Level 11 (11a, 11b)                          Suggested Grades: 5th – 6th
Students master powerful mental multiplication and division techniques with whole numbers, decimals and fractions. Students gain an understanding of factors, primes, squares, square roots and probability.

mathSpire for winners is brought to you by Center for Academic Excellence in partnership with Schools. The common thread that binds the CAE is their unrelenting passion for Math and Science and their commitment to create and nurture love for Math and Science amongst  the young in our communities. Instructors are from high achiever club who inspires students to think logically and develop their love towards the subject rather than just memorization. Instructors build confidence among students for a strong foundation.

It's simple ... go the extra mile and you will stand out from the crowd ~ Robin Crow